Talk about our favorite "awful" character here.
Caitlin Center (Oklahoma)
2/13/2013 08:12:01 am

Bob Ewell is such a lowly man. It honesty sickens me that he would potentially sentence a man to death for something he really did. (I haven't finished the book). The fact that he beats his children really says something about him and his character. He's a liar, and I really wish someone would just teach him a lesson.

Caitlin Center (Oklahoma)
2/13/2013 08:12:37 am


Eryn (Oklahoma)
2/24/2013 06:21:05 am

I completely agree with you. Bob Ewell is rude and inconsiderate. He doesn't care who he is effecting by accusing Tom Robinson of raping his daughter. Bob Ewell will do anything he can to get attention. I think Mr.Ewell wants people to stop looking down on his family, but he is only making things worse for himself. I believe that Atticus was in a way attempting to teach Mr.Ewell a lesson, while also trying to keep Tom from being prosecuted. Bob Ewell never really learned a lesson, but at least someone tried to teach him a lesson.

Nick R. (Oklahoma
2/24/2013 10:35:46 am

In the end Mr. Ewell does seem to get a fitting end for his character. Not only with his death but also with Atticus completely ruining what was left of his miserable scrap of "dignity" Atticus broke him worse than death could do. So, things came around full circle.

Jeffrey H. (Oklahoma)
2/25/2013 07:28:05 am

Bob Ewell got what was coming to him. I expected some kind of lowly revenge sucker punch to be thrown, and it was, by Bob attacking Jem and Scout. That just proves to me that he isn't enough of a man to take Atticus on face-to-face. He is greatly content with the fact that he attacked children to go back at the childrens' father. When he fell- I'm not really sure if he fell or not- he witnessed karma first hand.

Storm (OK)
3/3/2013 11:39:10 am

Harper Lee wished to portray many of the injustices of the time and she managed to fit most of them into one character. Bob Ewell represents the unfairness of teh current society. Because in modern times it would have been him not Tom Robinson that was in the wrong

3/7/2013 05:30:56 am

HAHA! At first I thought that in the first few sentences that you said 'Bob Ewell is such a LOVELY man'. Yeah. He is the complete opposite of lovely.

Annette (Indiana)
3/10/2013 07:16:06 am

Haha, oh Mason, of course you would think that. And, on the topic of Bob Ewell, I think him and Atticus are complete opposites; that's really my characterization and analysis of his figure. He's the character that you really love to hate in the book. I'm not sure but I think he not only serves as a significant character but also as a foil for Atticus. Atticus and Ewell are POLAR opposites and the bad in Ewell reflects and makes the good in Atticus shine and sparkle. I don't know if anyone found Atticus flawed in any way? Anyway, Ewell is an individual I would hate to see exist, but does exist. I think for every good person, there is an equally worse individual and for every bad person, there is an equally better individual. Kind of the same thing.

Braedon menchhofer
3/10/2013 08:05:34 am

Yes I agree he is an inconsiderate man. What type of a man would accuse a father of raping his own daughter. He is a bum, liar, and I'm glad that he got his lesson in the end.. Someone was going to get revenge in him.

Braedon menchhoferIndiana
3/10/2013 08:07:25 am


Emalyn Hoeppner (Indiana)
3/11/2013 05:48:51 am

I can't stand him either! It makes me feel so awful to see him actually not care that he has physically harmed his own family! I think it is just awful that he can watch a man get sentenced to death since he did it. Who could live with that guilt? He is such a rotten person!

3/11/2013 09:37:31 am

I agree that he is a very lowly and ungrateful man who doesnt seem to understand what life should be like. How he beats his children creates an ache in my body because I cant really imagine how those kids felt about it. His actions have definitely shown us that he is a man who doesnt seem to be able to comprehend what life is like and how to be a loving father.

Quinn C.
3/11/2013 12:36:58 pm

I agree. His character is such a lowly bitter man, that he blames the man his duaghter loves for rape to cover up that he beat her just because of his race. He did need to knocked down a few pegs.

Kendall Graham (Oklahoma)
2/15/2013 12:30:58 am

I have been wondering if it's possible that some of Bob's kids are kids he's had with his first daughter. The fact that the book says that Bob has repeatedly raped and beat her and that she is 19 and some of the kids are really little seriously makes me question if they are her kids.

2/23/2013 12:26:16 pm

Funny, this is the exact question I asked in class, Kendall...Huh, came up with this all by yourself, didn't you?

Brad D. (Oklahoma)
3/2/2013 09:57:12 pm

Well, to respond to either Kendall's or Kate's question, whichever, I would say most definitely. It's obvious, and if anything it gives us a reason to hate Bob Ewell even more. It also gives us a reason to be sympathetic to Mayella.

Emma D. (Oklahoma)
3/3/2013 07:31:49 am

I agree with Brad, Kate, and Kendall. Some of those kids are definatly Mayella's. Even if she didn't want to admit that, the whole town probably already knew. The town probably knew Bob was beating her too, but they didn't have proof so they could not convict him.

Bridgette (Oklahoma)
3/3/2013 11:57:20 am

Kendall, Kate, Brad and Emma have all made good points. Even though the community probably knew how awful Bob was to his family, he got away with it since he was white. What judge in his right mind would convict a white man in a small, racist town during the Great Depression?

Jonah (Indiana)
3/11/2013 08:14:21 am

It seems that the author has successfully made us hate this bad character...

Ben W. (Indiana)
2/18/2013 08:39:59 am

I don't like Bob Ewell at all. From what he already has done and what he has supposedly done, he just disgusts me. I would stay away from him if he was real and lived in my town. Bob Ewell needs to be put behind bars for good.

Rocktim (Indiana)
3/6/2013 08:55:17 am

I'm so glad that Ewell was killed in the end. Justice was finally served. I completely agree with Heck's viewpoint that Boo shouldn't be brought to the attention of the neighborhood. What Boo did was heroic, and it's up to Boo if he want's to be known or not.

3/11/2013 06:00:03 am

I completely agree! Ewell should have been killed in the end. He has done so many wrong things that he just had it coming to him.

Adam (IN)
2/18/2013 08:48:13 am

Bob is generally the scum of the town. He is a ratty person and totally the opposite of Atticus. In comparison, He is the exact opposite of the spectrum, parenting wise. It is sad to think there are hundreds of people walking around who are not so different from Bob Ewell, when they could be more like Atticus.

Mykenzie Kostka (Indiana)
2/19/2013 03:38:24 am

Mayella Ewell is just like her father, a liar. I wish that when she was testifiing in court that she would stand up to her father and not sit there and lie. I am curious as to why she lied. Did she lie because she is afraid of her father or because it is something she naturally would do? If Mayella stood up for what was right, the outcome would have been different.

Miranda (Oklahoma)
2/19/2013 06:47:12 am

I agree that Mayella should have should up for the truth and that what she did was wrong. However, it has to be taken into consideration that Mayella hasn't been raised with a positive influence and has had to fight her whole life to raise the younger Ewell children and to survive her abusive father.

Miranda (Oklahoma)
2/19/2013 06:48:20 am

Sorry, that's supposed to say 'stood', not 'should'.

Kendall (Ok)
2/21/2013 12:00:18 pm

I believe that Mayella was lying when she was testifying in court because she was scared of what her father would do to her if she didn't do what he said or if she testified against him. Mayella might not have been thinking of just herself though considering the fact that she did partially raise the children on her own, she might have been thinking of what would happen to the children if she testified against Bob and he beat her to death. Maybe it came down to save one man or save many children.

Preston (Oklahoma)
2/24/2013 04:45:38 am

It seems to be that it was overall a combination of protecting herself from being beaten, protecting the other kids from Bob's rage ;should he lose the case, and casting the shame of tempting a black man off of her and instead have Tom take the blame were behind Mayella not telling the truth. It could be inferred that although she is not that good of a person, she is more kind than her father.

Chris R (Oklahoma)
2/24/2013 12:49:02 am

I feel like there was a combination of reasons for her lying. First off, she was most likely scared that her father might beat her again if she did not lie. Secondly, considering the prejudice of the time, it would have been embarrassing enough that she had gone after a black man. The fact that she had been rejected by him would have been that much worse. It would have completely ruined what little reputation her and her family had.

Cameron B. (Oklahoma
3/3/2013 07:33:13 am

I agree with you Chris I think she didn't stand up to her dad due to the shame of wanting to be with a black man. Also I think she didn't stand up to her father because of that being her father and even if he is a dirt bag blood is still thick. Preston has good reason to she may have been protecting herself and her brothers or sisters or even children.

Demi - OK
2/19/2013 03:40:04 am

Bob Ewell is very confident and unashamed. He seems very confident in the fact that he will win the trial because he's white. The fact that he will lie and post blame on Tom to cover up his abuse is sickening. It shows me that hitting his daughter doesn't make a difference to him and that it's no big deal. He's not ashamed about what he's been doing. I feel sorry for Tom because he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when Bob Ewell came back from hunting. If Tom had left minutes earlier, Bob wouldn't have seen him and he wouldn't be accused of raping Mayella. On the other hand, if Tom wasn't there, Bob Ewell's actions would not be questioned and the abuse would have continued unnoticed. I still feel sorry that Tom was dragged into it, but Bob Ewell is bad news, and it's good that he's under the town's scrutiny.

Holly (OK)
2/21/2013 08:17:22 am

I don't think that the trial brought any special attention to Bob Ewell's treatment of his children. I think that the town has always known, to an extent, how they are treated. I also don't think that Bob will remain under the town's scrutiny for long. He's today's news and a new scandal will come along soon enough and cause Maycomb county to completely forget. Some of them, like Scout and Jem, may have been influenced by the case, but the majority of the town will not be. Soon enough the Ewell's will resume their previous place in society.

Nate K (Oklahoma)
2/25/2013 05:27:26 am

Just like how the trash dump is hidden in the back of the town, the town does their best to hide Bob Ewell. The Ewell's are a sore spot to the town and the town does their best to ignore it. But it does make me wonder; since Harper Lee related the story to her own life so much, was their a family like the Ewells in her life?

Jeffrey H. (Oklahoma)
2/25/2013 07:31:26 am

In replay to Nate, I think that Harper Lee put the Ewells' next to the dump for a specific reason like they are the dump but they are people not trash.

Dejanece (Oklahoma)
2/19/2013 04:10:24 am

Bob Ewell is very rude and disrespectful. He was wrong for spitting in Atticus face. I don't like him at all. It sucks that Tom had to go to prison for something Bob Ewell did. I also don't like Mayella either, if I was her I would have told the truth.

Samantha S (Oklahoma)
2/19/2013 06:08:57 am

I think Mayella is just misunderstood. Maybe she was just scared of what her father would do to her if she told the truth. If Bob Ewell was really the one to hurt her, then who is to say he hasn't done it before. I actually pity Mayella. I think that she could be a good person and actually make something of herself if she left. Or maybe she doesn't want to leave because she is afraid for her younger brothers and sisters. What does everyone else think?

Kennedy (Oklahoma)
2/19/2013 06:53:18 am

I agree with your comment on Mayella. What girl wouldn't be afraid of a man who has beaten and raped her throughout her life. I also believe she doesn't want to leave her brothers and sisters because maybe a few of them might be her own children. And the worst part is that she in a family who is the lowest of the low. Even if she wanted help no one would give it to her.

Holly (OK)
2/21/2013 08:11:37 am

I agree that Mayella is more understood than she is corrupt; however, I think that she crosses the line with her trial against Tom. She may have been attempting to save herself and/or her younger siblings, but that is still no excuse for condemning a man. Especially when that man also has children that need to be protected. Mayella may have been severely punished by Bob if she had spoken against him, but it wouldn't have lasted for a long period of time. Tom Robinson's children will always be without a father.

Sophie [Indiana]
2/21/2013 11:07:18 am

I agree that Bob Ewell is a very rude man. I also agree that Mayella should be held accountable and told the truth but sometimes I feel that she was brought up in a way that she doesn't know what's completely morally right or wrong. It's factored into the whole nature vs. nurture idea in sociology. She was brought up in way that her dad corrupted her and I feel a bit bad for her on that account but she is also old enough to know the consequences of her actions.

Christina Hubbard (OK)
3/1/2013 07:38:53 am

I agree. Bob Ewell is a racist and a liar. Not only was he wrong for spitting in Atticus' face, but he was wrong for beating and raping his daughter. He's wrong for blaming Tom. He's wrong for breaking into the judge's house. He's wrong for harassing Helen. He's wrong for attacking Jem and Scout. If I had to chose one word to describe Bob Ewell it would be wrong. As for Mayella Ewell, all I can say is the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Kennedy (Oklahoma)
2/19/2013 06:58:33 am

I think it is extremely possible that some of Mayella's "brothers and sisters" could be her own children. Obviously the kids who are close to her age couldn't be her children; however, it is very possible that the younger one's could be. The fact that her father raped her and there wasn't birth control available strengthens the possibility.

Joshua ( Oklahoma)
2/19/2013 09:04:49 am

Bob Ewell is that one person in the book that everyone doesn't like. I haven't finished the book but I hope all works out for Tom Rodinson because he really doesn't deserve what he's getting in trouble for. He was just a nice black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Noah M (Indiana)
2/20/2013 06:56:10 am

What surprises me is the lack of depth Ewell has as a character. We aren't given a reason to pity him, and he doesn't have complex motives. The way Harper Lee chose to portray him was oddly one-dimensional, contrasting with how all the other characters are shown.

Emily G
2/20/2013 08:30:06 am

Bob Ewell is a despicable human being; Harper Lee gives him absolutely no redeeming qualities and no way for the reader to sympathize with his side of the story. It isn't surprising that Mayella lied in court considering what she had to grow up with. She found the only comfort and acceptance that she had ever know in Tom, so she threw herself at him in order to hold on to that glimmer of goodness. She is a pitiable person and it's sad to think of how things may have turned out differently for her had she grown up in another family.

Emily G
2/20/2013 10:44:28 pm


Megan (Indiana)
2/22/2013 10:51:57 pm

I have nothing good to say about Bob Ewell. Of course, I think the horrible circumstances in which he lives have had a hand in shaping his personality and moral character, but he's just a horrible person inside and out. It makes me wonder though if he would've been different if his wife hadn't died. In my mind, I think of her dying a long time ago and that dramatically impacted how he lived his life, but some of his kids are so young. He's an awful father and man.

Mailyn Cunningham (Oklahoma)
2/23/2013 05:41:49 am

I take pity on Bob Ewell because i don't believe anybody had ever done him a kind deed in all his life. I agree with some of the comments above about how his up-bringing might, indeed, have had a tremendous impact on his life as he lives it now. He is a man of his word however, when he threatens Atticus, because in the end he proves true to his word-- even though it litterally was until his last breath. I have finsihed 'To Kill A Mockingbird' so I wont spoil it for the rest of you. :)

Jeffrey H. (Oklahoma)
2/26/2013 07:04:43 am

Bob Ewell never gets any 'kind deeds' done for him because he is a inconsiderate donkey (I'm not going to say the real word). Should someone try to help him? Yes, I'm sure they have already tried to but he does not care about anyone's feelings whatsoever. I also believe that "anybody had ever done him a kind deed" is incorrect grammar; had should be has.

Zack IN
2/24/2013 02:38:59 am

Bob Ewell is a man that takes offence easily. Atticus made him and his daughter look like fools at the trail, so he swears he will get revenge on Atticus, by attacking his children. Who attacks kids to try to kill them in the first place? also he is a coward because he doesn't fight Atticus in the open he attacks in the dark, and he attacks Atticus' kids not him. Yeah kinda ruined the end of the book... oh well.

Melissa S. (Indiana)
2/24/2013 04:32:37 am

I seriously don't get why Bob would go and try to destroy another mans life. Its not like Tom did anything to the Ewells. Tom was always so nice to Mayella and always helped out with things that she needed. Bob was just so horrible to Tom that he would try and get him put in prison for something that Tom didn't even do. It is also bad that Bob got his own daughter to be a part of it and lie with him.

Madison B (IN)
2/24/2013 08:35:43 am

I think Bob Ewell is a horrible character personally. I think it is wrong that he is knowingly accusing Tom of something awful, but it shows that there are people like that somewhere out in the real world and it shows that there still is prejudice in our society.

Caitlin (Oklahoma)
2/28/2013 06:21:57 am

I've finished the book and my distaste for Bob Ewell has grown. He is so despicable to try to kill children. They are innocent children?! I wish he wouldn't have died, I wish he would be able to rot in jail. Either way he got what was coming to him.& I love that Boo was the one to save the day.

Jasmine (Oklahoma)
2/28/2013 08:37:38 am

I think Bob is a sick man, who has problem in his head. He beats his children and rapes his daughter; what man does that ? I think he feels that because everyone looks down on him in the town so he takes it out on his children. I think they need to start treating him just like everyone else and stop by passing the laws just for him, maybe then he¨ll learn he cant do those things.

Brad D. (Oklahoma)
3/2/2013 10:05:46 pm

The only reason Maycomb turns a blind eye to Ewell is because they have pity on his children. It's bad enough the kids live with Ewell, but Bob hunting out of season is his only known source of income, since he doesn't have a job. The book says that no one wants to deny the children anything Bob can shoot.

Kayla D. IN
2/28/2013 09:13:42 am

I think Bob is most definitely is a coward. He gets talk out of fighting by a little girl, he takes advantage of his own daughter, lies about an innocent man, and tries to get revenge by striking an unarmed innocent child in the dark. He seriously should have been thrown in jail, not Tom. I guess that just highlights one of the many themes from this book- life is not always fair.

Demi IN
3/3/2013 03:17:50 am

I completely agree with you. I have not yet finished the book,but from what I've read and heard, Bob Ewell is bad news. He deserves to face some consequences of his actions rather than getting away with it all.

Connor (Oklahoma)
3/2/2013 02:38:04 am

Bob is probably the most interesting character in the novel for a couple of reasons. First, he represents the extreme racism in the South. Second, he is the major antagonist. Bob is a perfect opposite to Atticus's generous, wise, and considerate mind set. Harper Lee's process of making Atticus being a really awesome character is intensified by creating the evil-doer. Bob provides the fight against Atticus and gives the reader an realization of where the Finch family lives.

Avery M. (OK)
3/2/2013 03:29:50 am

This book definitely needed someone to bring alive the racism of the south, and Bob Ewell does it quite well. I think Harper Lee chose to make him the bad guy because of her view on racism. What better way to make people hate something than to give them a person to pin it to?

Avery M. (OK)
3/2/2013 03:42:29 am

Atticus said not to shoot mockingbirds, but if you were going to shoot a bird, shoot a bluejay. I looked it up and bluejays are very mean. While I don't think this symbolism means nearly as much as mockingbirds, it is interesting nonetheless. I wonder if it was Harper Lee's way of seeing if the readers were paying attention.

Jacob Domrique
3/2/2013 11:03:09 pm

I think that Bob Ewell is the way he is because he has probably been treated badly in his past. People who have never experienced a good deed will never perform one. Bob probably has been raised to be the mean man he is. He only knows of horrible things not great things. Bob may have been a whole different person if he was treated better in his past.

Jacob Domrique
3/2/2013 11:03:44 pm


3/3/2013 02:26:32 am

I had finished the book, and I really dislike Bob Ewell. I'm really glad Boo Radley saved Scout from getting killed. Bob Ewell was a horrible character.

Kaitlin Giager, Oklahoma
3/3/2013 06:17:48 am

Bob Ewell is the perfect example of a bully in my opinion. He's poor and has a bad relationship with his family so he takes it out on others. He also wants to feel higher in status by prosecuting poor Tom Robinson. He's so low in status he has to take it out on an innocent man just to get some attention.

3/3/2013 09:23:39 am

I feel like Bob got what he deserved. I was very shocked to see when he tried to kill Jem and Scout. I dont understand why he went after them when he did what he did to Atticus.

Shannon, Oklahoma
3/3/2013 09:55:55 am

I do not think Bob Ewell should have died. He may have deserved it, but i would have much rather have seen him go to jail. It surprised me to find out that he tried to kill the kids. He must have really been insane to want to kill children!

Collin L (OK)
3/3/2013 11:50:16 am

While it is extremely hard to feel sorry for him, Bob Ewell was essentially doomed in life just because he was born an Ewell. It couldn't have been easy growing up in the family that was the disgrace of Maycomb. The only people in the whole town that the Ewells were above in social status were blacks. Because of this, racism was the only way Bob Ewell could feel superior to anyone. Bob shows the reader what true racism was like in the South in this time period. Although the townspeople view his last name as justification for his actions, Bob Ewell is just too mean of a character to receive any kind of excuse for his actions. Attacking Jem and Scout truly showed how low Bob Ewell really was.

Betsy (Indiana)
3/4/2013 09:03:49 am

I think Bob Ewell is a low and sick dude. I do not think he has any notably good virtues. He clearly has his own interests at heart, that is, if he has one; because honestly, what kind of guy rapes his own daughter then pins it on a man who will clearly be more harshly convicted of such a crime. I never really liked Bob, not really as a dastardly cool and classy type villian. He's just very twisted to me.

Bryce (Indiana)
3/5/2013 11:50:38 pm

I dislike Mr. Ewell in so many ways. I think that he is about as low as you can go as a human being. Blaming a black person for something that he obviously did. I don't understand how he could live with himself after he did it. After this then he even attacked children which I don't understand how someone could ever do that either. My favorite part was when I heard that he died so that there wouldn't be any more trouble from him.

3/7/2013 05:50:03 am

Bob Ewell is really disgusting. Personally I hate him. He is just a terrible terrible man. I think during the trial with Tom Robinson, that Bob kind of walked into a trap that pretty much made him say that he was the one who raped his daughter. I actually believe that the multiple little children on their property are a result of this. Multiple times. The daughter said that their mom died a while ago. There are little bitty children over there. Where did they come from? Well, there you go.

August (Indiana)
3/9/2013 10:05:43 pm

I think Bob Ewell serves as a sort of anti-Atticus. Everything embodied by Atticus is scorned by Bob Ewell. He is the embodiment of all the hate and prejudice in the South. That adds up to a lot of hate and prejudice for just one man. Ewell is slimy, amoral, and just outright cruel. I think he was definitely neccesary, though. Next to him, we see the Finch family like angels.

3/10/2013 01:48:50 am

Foil characters, classic. it helps highlight the good or bad in either of the characters. They are so comparable it helps the reader see them the way that the author wants us too. And why were you up at six am?

Teagan (indiana)
3/10/2013 01:47:06 am

I think that Bob and Atticus are foil characters, but not only that. i think that Bob Ewell is one of the "mockingbird killers." He tries throughout the book to "kill" the beauty of the mockingbirds. We are supposed to hate him because he kills beauty.

Maddie H.
3/10/2013 06:40:25 am

I really don't like Bob Ewell. I mean who doesn't not like him. Hes rude and doesn't care about anyone but himself. He beats his own children which is awful. It says a lot about him and his character in general.

3/10/2013 09:18:08 am

I think Bob Ewell plays as Atticus's "balance" character or as his opposite. Bob is a very cruel man representing the dark side of the south in his accusition. He accused Tom Robinson of raping his daughter, when he really beat her, knowing that Tom would be accused quilty for being black. Also, proving his cruelness he tried to get revenge on Atticus by attacking his kids with a switch blade and breaking Jim's arm. I think this man is just plan sick, but it's sad, because there are many people like that in America today.

Austin W.
3/10/2013 10:00:07 am

Him doing that to his daughter is insane in many ways, and to tell your daughter to lie right in front of the county is mutiny. The fact that some people hate blacks so much to the extent that they would blame them for something they did not do and sentence them to death is crazy. At the end, I wish that some of the people who actually knew what happened would've beat him up and he would learn his lesson.

Natalie Brown (IN)
3/11/2013 06:44:30 am

I, along with many other people, dislike Bob Ewell as a character, because he doesn't show good characteristics. He is racist and by blaming someone for an act committed by Bob himself, just because of the color of their skin is wrong. Bob would probably be a foil character, since he doesn't change his opinion on his accusations throughout the book.

Zack (Indiana)
3/11/2013 07:38:09 am

I find it very interesting how Bob Ewell tried to get his revenge on Atticus. Bob tried get revenge of Atticus by attacking Atticus' children in the dark while he was drunk. Bit of a cowardly if you think about it. Just a thought.

Kiana (Indiana)
3/11/2013 08:28:33 am

Never would I ever sentence someone to death for something I did myself. I think it was so low to do that. He should've taken full responsibility. Living knowing that what you did was wrong and that you never got punished for it; knowing someone else paid the price... I would rather die than feel that. It was just a coward's way out.

Jon Bragg
3/11/2013 09:37:03 am

I agree with Zach. By attacking Atticus' children while he was drunk it just showed that he was a coward.It is also very cowardly that he accused Tom Robinson of raping his daughter, when he really beat her, knowing that Tom would be accused just because he is black. Pretty hard to like this sort of character when he shows such poor characteristics.

Micaela (Indiana)
3/11/2013 10:05:54 am

My first impression of Mr. Ewell is that he’s very rude and lacks compassion for others. I thought it was extremely wrong that he blamed Mr. Robinson of harming his daughter Mayella Ewell. He was taking advantage of people’s thoughts towards black people, which were generally thoughts of distrust. He was also being a poor father by getting drunk, staying in the woods while drunk, and leaving Mayella and his other kids by themselves at home.

Megan B(Indiana)
3/11/2013 11:27:46 am

When I was reading the book I really wanted to go inside the book and punch bob in the face. Reason one is he beats his children. That says something about him right off the bat. Reason Two he tried to get Tom sentenced to death for rape when really he beat his daughter. Reason three is he attacked children. In essence I think that Bob is a low inconsiderate man who will do anything for attention.

Ben Schwartz
3/11/2013 11:36:55 am

I believe that bob ewell is average old white trash. I mean old in the way of back then. White trash is different now. Back to the subject. Lots of people have the same way that bob thinks, that blacks are not important. What makes him extra horrible is the fact that he abuses his daughter. He will end up paying for it later with his life.

devils advocate
1/20/2014 02:11:22 am

or Maybe Bob Ewell was just completely misunderstood... i mean maybe he was trying to fit in with maycomb by being racist and prejudice...


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